Monday, July 9, 2018

Authenticity, the Root of Self-Esteem


I came across a quote today:
“Be fearlessly authentic.”

Synonyms:  Genuine, real, veritable.

Self-esteem is sought after.  It is the core requirement for happiness, fulfillment, unfettered confidence and the grit necessary to meet one’s goals.

Self-esteem does not stem from receiving compliments, although certainly, kudos help us feel able in the particular area that was met with positive regard.  Yet, many of us have known beautiful women, handsome men, brilliant persons, and even those who have earned financial wealth or great academic success who are not confident. 

If we rely on others to gift us with enough compliments to hopefully raise our self-esteem, then, we can easily have our egos deflated by the occasional spill, failure or barb from another.  So, we live life roller-coaster style; zipping upward when we receive positive regard, and then crashing when we are met with criticism or a challenging task. 

Consistent high personal self-regard is bred out of authenticity.  Know thyself, be thyself, express thyself with gentleness, kindness, and certainly, with authenticity. Those who belong in your presence will accept you as you freely although kindly behave in ways that express your true sentiments and beliefs.  Those who fall away may do so because your light is too bright in the presence of their insecurities.  They may also fall away out of respect for their own beliefs that do not mesh with yours.  Fret not; but allow this process to flow.

Be Fearlessly Authentic!

Written by Dr. Barbara Feinberg